The alternative use of eletronic games

Methods for studying cognitive skills required to play online games or the alternative use of eletronic games

Autores: Alessandra Maia, José Messias


The objective of this paper is to propose research methods for studying the cognitive skills that are required to play online games, and also the skills required for the alternative consumption of games (mostly pirate initiatives); the first subject is part of a master’s degree research, and the latter is part of a PhD research. These cognitive skills shall be studied through five categories of analysis which were created by the CiberCog/Uerj research group. The issue of cognitive skills for online games will be studied with a qualitative method (e.g. netnography; interviews using the Underlying Discourse Unveiling Method – UDUM; participant observation – watching and interacting) and also with a quantitative method (closed questionnaire available via Google Docs). Meanwhile, to study alternative consumption of games a participant observation on virtual communities shall be used.

Palavras-chave: research methods; game; cognitive skills;